Has wanderlust made your house a home?

earthborn paint reviewYou know when you’ve had a lovely trip away, the weather is amazing, the sun shines on everything making it look bright and gorgeous. Suddenly colours have new depth and meaning, you’ve stayed in a gorgeous hotel and you basically come home and want to change your entire home decor to get that feeling again? Yeah, that! (more…)

When did the music stop?

are you killing your own joyI jumped in the car to drive to work the other night. The evening was balmy, the country lanes were gloriously green, the radio DJ introduced ‘the song of the summer’ and I blasted through my short journey filled with, well, Joy.


Allow me to reintroduce myself

Allow meto reintroduceAllow me to reintroduce myself my name is hooooooooooo

Well, no. Actually my name is Ceri but I’d like to highlight early on in this relationship that I love nothing more than breaking into song if the words I speak/write also happen to be lyrics. I actually cannot help myself. It’s an acquired taste I’m betting.


Be a better Mother today

motheringThis is the kind of attention grabbing blog header/Pinterest graphic and Facebook post that seems to grab at me from the phone screen most days.

Why? Well to answer this in complete honesty I’d have start by admitting to you that I spend most of my day’s, weeks and hours feeling like I am failing miserably as a parent and lugging round the heavy rucksack of guilt that goes along with that.


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